Testimonial Received January 6, 2020

If you are looking to build a new home in the Flathead Valley, especially a custom one, then you must call or visit Greg Bain & Company. They are located at 3577 Highway 93 North in Kalispell, Montana and can be reached at 406-752-2886. And here’s why you need to contact them.

My husband and I purchased land in Kalispell several years ago. We needed to find a builder who would help our dream of a custom home come true. We interviewed several building contractors, arriving at each with our hand drawn house proposal and with a ton of questions. When we got to the Greg Bain & Company offices, we were greeted by Matt Bain. He listened, answered all our questions, came with us to check out our property, and left us feeling excited that our dream was possible.

Once we made the decision to use Greg Bain & Company, the process just kept getting better and better. We would recommend them to anyone who needs a home built because they were attentive, organized, flexible, responsive, great at what they do, and they had our backs. Click here for a few specifics.

The House Kat, Bigfork Montana

bigfork builder testimonial

Feel free to use us as a reference for any future clients. We will let them know that if they are looking for the best built home in Montana, built by the most creative design builder in the nation, who also happens to be a man of his word, then Greg Bain & Company is the builder they want! Our gorgeous home is the fourth home Greg Bain has designed and built for our family. Need there be any more said to testify to your ability to delight your customers? You are truly Our Builder for Life!

– The Smith’s, Bigfork Montana

seeley lake builder testimonial

We would like to thank you and your staff at Greg Bain & Company for the great job everyone did throughout the planning, designing and building of our new home. We appreciated your coming to our “old” house to get a feel for our lifestyle and standards. Your concern for detail, project timeliness and client support exemplifies your Mission Statement of working to achieve total customer satisfaction.

– The Maxwell’s, Seeley Lake Montana

whitefish builder testimonial

We cannot tell you what a joy it was to walk into our new home and see it for the first time; it is a feeling our family will treasure forever. Immediately we knew that we loved our house, and our trust in you was not misplaced. Besides having completed everything that was agreed upon, you also provided some very extra special touches that have made our house feel like a home immediately.

– R.H., Whitefish Montana

Referral Letter Barry and Dawn

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The Repairs were more like a total reconstruction of our house. You and your crew did such a beautiful job that it feels like a new home again!

You pay attention to the smallest details, you were always on top of each subcontractor when they started their particular job, and you always kept us well informed.

Matt, as you well know, our renovation project was complicated. However, you were always calm & patient when looking for solutions. What we appreciated the most was your willingness to listen to our ideas and being open to different ways to address the many issues we faced.

Finally, I wanted to say what a pleasure it was to work with You and Your Crew. Everybody was just so personable and easy to talk with, it made us feel so comfortable having you working with us on a big and often challenging project.

Please feel free to use us as a reference anytime, and trust us when we say Greg Bain & Company is the FIRST company we will recommend.

– Barry & Dawn Pritchard

Referral Letter Gayle and Lannitta

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From the very first phone call through the planning meetings, the anticipation of breaking ground and watching our dream house become a reality, working with Greg Bain and Company was an absolute delight. Greg and Matt took our basic outline of a floor plan and our vision for what we wanted and created a home that went far beyond our expectations in many areas. In almost all cases their vision far exceeded our own.

Before we found a builder, living in Oregon, we had some concerns about building a house so far away, but Greg and Matt quickly alleviated those concerns. We were able to schedule planning meetings by phone, and each time we made a trip to Montana, they had meetings lined up for us with various vendors for picking out the finishing touches, flooring, lighting, appliances, stone for the fireplace, granite for the kitchen and much more. From the beginning to end, the entire process went extremely smoothly with only pleasant surprises along the way and was completed on the date promised.

Now the finished home is something we are very proud of and look forward to showing it off to our friends and family who come to visit. And much more – the entire Bain family are now considered special friends in our “home away from home” in Montana. With the expertise and personal attention of the Greg Bain and Company design/build team, our dream became a reality.

– Gayle and Lannitta

Referral Letter Robert

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I would like to thank you for the great job you did with Dad’s farmhouse which had been partially destroyed by fire. Your helpful suggestions to rebuild and modernize the home were greatly appreciated. They conciseness of your bids and time schedules were a pleasant surprise as you do it when you say and the bills met the bid! In areas of changes you were cooperative and fair. Your diligence in clearing up loose ends must also be noted. Mark and Will were especially helpful and diligent.

I would be happy to recommend your company as a quality contstruction firm, staffed with pleasant, client-oriented personnel. Thanks again…

– Robert B.

Referral Letter Clare

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All I can say is “WOW”! I knew you were a talented and gifted design builder, but to see your ideas come to life is amazing. Words cannot express my appreciation for the beautiful home you have designed and built for me. I was confident in choosing you for my builder because you had built lovely homes for my mother and my sister here in Lakeside. I had certain expectations as to the quality and beauty of the finished product; however, I must tell you the experience of having Greg Bain & Company build my gorgeous home far exceeded any and all expectations.

I will never forget the feeling of walking into the house after the drywall was completed. I had no idea from looking at the floor plans that the ceiling in the kitchen, the Great Room, the Master bedroom and the office would be so breathtakingly beautiful. How in the world did you do that? The entry to the hallway is simply gorgeous, and I love the display alcoves in the ledges above the kitchen cabinets. And, of course, let’s not forget the custom back-lit display you built for my glass art piece. These are the special touches one only finds in a Greg Bain built house. Not only did you design the house, you also designed display areas for my art. No wonder you are known as “Montana’s Legendary Design Builder!”

One of the many things I appreciated about working with you, Greg, was that you were constantly helping me save money by giving me alternatives to some of the custom upgrades. It is that kind of honesty and integrity that attracted me to your company form the get go. It is one thing to be the best at what you do, and it is quite another to do it with integrity. Your suggestions saved me a lot of money – thank you!

By the way, I cannot think of one single person who worked on my home who did not meet the high standards you set for yourself and for your company. Your foreman is a good example of what I mean. He is an absolute gem, and he certainly was a key ingredient in making the entire building experience a pleasant one from start to finish. Believe me, he is a credit to Greg Bain & Company and it’s demand for attention to quality and detail.

Feel free to use me as a reference for any of your future clients, Greg. I will let them know that if they are looking for the best built home in Montana, built by the most creative design builder in the nation who also happens to be a man of his word (a rarity in today’s world) then Greg Bain is the builder they want! With Sincere Appreciation…

– Clare

Referral Letter Pamela

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I must apologize for being so tardy in writing this letter. To say that this summer has been exciting, busy and full of new experiences would definitely be an understatement! I do want to take this opportunity, however, to let you, Ross, Bob and your entire staff know how much I appreciate all your hard work. From start to finish, building a new home through your company could not have been a better experience for me.

At our first meeting, you took careful note of the many special requests that I had regarding the new construction. I am certain that not every new homeowner comes to you complete with horses and a sled dog team. I was continually impressed with how involved everyone was with this project. My long-term satisfaction was obviously of utmost concern to your entire staff. When the original site for the barn was deemed inadequate due to drainage problems, everything was halted until I could come out to select a new site for the building. I sincerely appreciated that kind of integrity and commitment, as there was no way that this problem would have become apparent to me until next spring.

In addition to the speed with which the project was completed, I was always amazed at how neat and clean the construction site remained throughout the building process. Many of my clients live in this area, and several of them made those very same comments to me. The sub-contractors were courteous, clean and appeared to be using their time as efficiently as possible.

Since I have moved into my home (and my animals into theirs, so to speak), I have been equally pleased. The quality of construction, comfort and design is all I hoped it would be. Your staff continues to provide me the highest quality of service whenever I call with questions, and I would be quite pleased to offer my highest recommendation for Greg Bain and Company. As a busy professional person living in a new town with a new job, it was the ideal construction experience. Details were cared for expeditiously and with attention to quality, and I was as involved as I wished to be at any given time during the construction process.

Thank you again for everything. Sincerely Yours…

– Pamela

Referral Letter

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We have been in our new home about one month now, and although there are still many small details to attend to with our move, it’s finally starting to feel like a HOME and we can’t begin to tell you how delighted we are! We came to you initially because of your reputation for quality and your longevity in the building community – many contractors come and go during peak buying seasons but we wanted one who was and would continue to be reliable.

The introduction of your new Farm Series gave us the perfect house for our needs at a price we could finally afford. Tim Stracener was very helpful in getting us started and customizing the model we chose. Being intimately familiar with the building process, we were even more impressed as the structure took form to see quality and extra effort from each of your subcontractors. (special thanks to Roger for framing and Sheryl for plumbing – Nice Job!)

The majority of our thanks goes to the construction foreman who was available at all hours, courteous and prompt in “fixing” anything we felt wasn’t to our liking. He went far beyond “the call of duty”, working with many conflicts, to keep us happy and informed. If we build again (and we hope it’s not too soon!!!), we would definitely hope to have him in charge.

There are many others who contributed to giving us our dream home: Tom, Tom, Bud, various secretaries, Dennis and whoever else we have forgotten to mention …… to you all – THANK YOU! We love our new house and would heartily recommend you to anyone considering building!

Referral Letter George and Darlene

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It is hard to believe, but we have been in the beautiful home you built for us for 2 1/2 years. You did a superb job. Your vision, craftsmanship and professional manner made the building experience a pleasure. Equally important has been your follow-up. A few minor things have popped up and EVERY time your staff was here within days to take care of it quickly, courteously and professionally.

We are writing to you now because we have come across several couples who had their homes built by others and simply did not have the same pleasurable experience – both during building and then during the all-important follow-up. In hearing their horror stories, we knew that we must thank you again for building the “House of Our Dreams” and doing it with such skill and integrity.

Please feel free to use us as a reference any time. Sincerely…

– George and Darlene

Referral Letter Teri

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As we are winding down here in Ohio, I really need to take a few minutes to express our thanks to you for getting our home ready so much earlier than your projected date. We are so excited about making this major change, of which you have been so much a part. Everything fell into place just as if we were guided by a higher plan. And you were a part of that. Our first meeting with you made us feel very comfortable and confident that we could trust in you, your expertise and your ability to so easily see what we wanted. We appreciate all you’ve done, and we thank you.

I also want to make sure you know what a wonderful asset Kim is to your business. She has been tremendously helpful throughout this entire building process. I e-mailed her nearly every day for what seemed like months and she always responded immediately. When I felt overwhelmed by the many decisions I was making on a daily basis from so many miles away, she reassured me and comforted me when I needed it. Her professionalism shined through every conversation we had. Her knowledge of our house plans and all its details always seemed to be the only project she had on her mind – and I know that can’t have been true. I now realize that it would have made her job (and yours) a hundred times easier if I had flown out there and gone shopping with you for the cabinets, flooring, lighting, etc. Since we have never built a home before, and since I was naive in thinking that whatever we chose from Ohio stores would be available in Montana, I did not come there. Kim could have been pulling out her hair on a daily basis because of all my questions, but she never once made me feel like I was making her crazy! I’m sure that she passed along all my questions and concerns to you and buffered the feelings of confusion and chaos I must have been causing you! She is someone who truly compliments you and your business. And I have told her so, but felt I should make absolutely sure you know it too.

We will see you on Wednesday, October 23rd – look for the guy and gal with the great big smiles!

– Teri & Mike

Referral Letter Dixons

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Thank you so much for all that you’ve done to make our house a home we are truly proud of. You and your staff have made the entire building process a positive experience for us. When asked if we would build again, our Pat answer is “only if Greg Bain would be the contractor”.

Special thanks to Sam for being so dependable and eager to please, to Edwin for his attention to detail and sound advice, to Tim for “lighting the fire”, to Pat for being so cheerful and accommodating, to Tom for his guidance, and to Greg for making it all possible in the first place.

Thanks for your attention after the building was complete!

– The Dixons

Referral Letter Richard and Pat

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I would like to express our appreciation for all that you have done for us in building our new home in the Many Lakes area. You, and your employees, could not have been more helpful, courteous, and supportive during the entire construction.

When we first came to the Flathead Valley area last summer to inquire about properties/homes, we never would have envisioned having a home built 2,000 miles away from where we live. Having heard numerous “horror stories” about home construction and all the things that can go wrong, our greatest concern was finding someone who we could trust. After having gotten to know you in a very short time, we felt very strongly about your honesty and that you are someone who can be trusted. We were also impressed with your vast experience and knowledge and felt confident in your ability; it was also comforting to find that your reputation was confirmed by local people. Our decisions to take the “scary” step of having a home built by someone we did not know initially became a step of confidence and ease because we knew that you would be guiding and overseeing the entire project for us.

I cannot tell you what a joy it was to walk into our house and see it for the first time; it is a feeling that our family will treasure forever. Immediately, we knew that we love our house, and our trust in you was not misplaced. Besides having completed everything that was agreed upon, you also provided some very extra special touches that have made our house feel like a home immediately.

We look forward to a continued relationship with you not only as our builder, but also as our first friend in the Flathead Valley. You truly “build from the heart” and it is very much appreciated by the Hausmann family. Thank you!

– Richard, Pat, Bob & Ben

Referral Letter Bob and Judy

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Looking forward to our new home was exciting. The right house, proper setting and first class contractor made it an enjoyable experience.

Satisfied customers don’t just happen. Satisfied customers come about through your being an excellent builder, on schedule, with good materials and people. You understand the importance of setting schedules and meeting them, which should enhance your bottom line.

We thank you for a good job and enjoyed working with your company.

– Bob & Judy

Referral Letter John and Rose

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With the completion of our summer Chalet on Little Bitterroot Lake we wish to extend Special Thanks for all the cooperation shown by you and your entire staff during this project.

We appreciate the Pride of Workmanship that “we” know are you known for. Being a native of the Kalispell area and growing up with your Dad, Dick Bain, it is a tremendous responsibility to carry out your Dad’s steadfast integrity and superior workmanship. This is one of the reasons we chose Greg Bain and Crew in spite of all the other Contractors in the Valley.

When we decide to sell our present home and rebuild we will look to Greg Bain for his expertise in planning and construction.

Thanks to each of you at Greg Bain.

– John & Rose

Referral Letter Rod

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I want to take this opportunity to convey my heartfelt thanks for a job well done – a job completed ahead of schedule and according to contract specification and pricing.

I can think of few decisions more intimidating than selecting a general contractor. The industry, especially in this area, is rife with rumor, innuendo, nightmares and horror stories. As newcomers to the Flathead Valley and minimal experience in the construction trades, we first needed to sort truth from fiction.

Common sense dictated the best place to start. Check references. Look at previous projects. We talked to bankers and homeowners. We looked for infrastructure – billboards, advertisement, brochures, and substantial offices – resources that require sustained revenue streams to support. I personally called and spoke with no less than eight of your past and present clients or their wives.

Every reference underscored a similar theme: the job met both schedule and budget. Many provided enthusiastic endorsement of supervisory oversight. Three decades in the business and a ten-year warranty to back the work imply a long-term commitment to excellence, to customer satisfaction. In the end, I chose Greg Bain & Co. because all my research reinforced a “gut feel” about the man who runs the company.

We learned a lot. In ten weeks, you turned a “log cabin” into a custom home that exceeds our expectations in every detail. Please feel free to have any prospective clients call or visit. Best Regards…

– Rod Rodgers

Referral Letter Steve and Sherry

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This letter is long overdue in coming, but we did want you to know how happy we are with the house you built for us. Your excellent vision and design expertise, from the time you first walked the property with us on through the building process resulted in the beautiful home we now have. Everyone who worked on this house, from the Bain design team to the talented sub-contractors, and Bob, who oversaw every detail, made this a pleasant experience. Several of the craftsman who worked on this house have come by with their families and friends (and cameras!) to show them the house they were so proud to have worked on.

During the short time we have lived here we’ve met several people who have built homes and heard horror stories about many builders in the area, and are thankful we did not have those problems. We were fortunate to have a builder and design team that took pride in building us a house that we will always be proud of.

Thank you!

– Steve & Sherry

Referral Letter James

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“Mountain Man Mel” and his crew have now completed the Vidal’s re-roofing project. As always, I appreciate the first class treatment given to us.

It is hard to believe that you have remodeled my house, my office and re-roofed my house without controversy or dispute. As a lawyer I constantly hear the horror stories of problems between contractors and their clients. I must say that in our case, I could not have asked for a better, more thoughtful, considerate relationship.

Mel and his crew did an outstanding job. We have already had many comments about how nice our new roof looks. I fear that perhaps you underbid our project and I am sorry if you took any kind of beating on this job. You know better than most people how little I know about these sort of projects, and because of that I am certain you recognize I rely totally on your judgement. I really had no idea what would be a fair price for the project. But I did take you at your word that the project would cost $10,000. I appreciate the fact that even though the project turned out to be more than you envisioned, I ended up with what I was promised – a first class new roof for $10,000.

I might also say that I appreciate that your people always kept a clean work site and also managed to work around two children and a new puppy. Not that you need referrals, but if anyone ever wants to hear about the attributes of Greg Bain and Company, please feel free to have them call me.

Best personal regards…

– James E. Vidal of Murray & Kaufman, P.C.